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“Dr. Bratton represents the kind of educator who brings value to the academy; he is devoted, dedicated, and determine. His commitment to education is outstanding and genuine.” Dr. Russell Davis, Professor of Education & Coordinator, Med Program in Community College Instruction and Administration.

Dr. Joel Bratton Jr. Dr. Joel Bratton Jr. is the founder of Project Hope Educational Consultants in Baltimore, Maryland Dr. Joel Bratton Jr. is native of Baltimore, the CEO and Founder of Project Hope Educational Consultants and a fierce champion for underserved and vulnerable populations.…Continue reading


Dr. Bratton consulting work includes services for P-20, community colleges, and universities looking to establish best practices to improve the achievement gap, African-American academic success, Community engagement, Diversity, equity and inclusion, school culture and much more. AREAS OF INTEREST Community College Black Male Success  Parent…Continue readingSERVICES


“Dr. Joel Bratton is a true visionary in the areas of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion and public service. His passion for education, social change, and community and family engagement is both admirable and infectious. Dr. Bratton’s research in the areas of black male…Continue readingTestimonials

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